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JRDR Marketing is a marketing and business consulting firm providing strategic management and marketing services. Our clients seek focused and customized initiatives to match their specific businesses and situations. All businesses have both opportunity and vast potential. Our mission is to help our clients, large and small, maximize their opportunities and reach their full potential.


Everything begins with a vision, raw materials, tools & skills. It is how these elements are used and combined that leads to results. We like to think of the sculptor's process, choosing the best materials, working around any flaws with the right tools, applying the best skills.The end result is a thing of beauty that will stand the test of time. This is as true in the modern business world as in Michelangelo's Renaissance, thus business sculpting. 


Along with our consulting services, we can implement, on an outsourced basis, your marketing and planning projects. Creating an extended virtual team, we can work independently or alongside your existing staff on a variety of business challenges, special projects, strategic plans, E-marketing plans and marketing deliverables / activities. We can also assume interim management functions.


JRDR Marketing is ... 




Contact JRDR Marketing and let us help you sculpt your business for success.

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