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What do successful businesses have in common?


One thing you will find common to all successful businesses is that they know who they are, where they are going and how they will get there. They have a vision, a mission and a plan; and they execute to the plan!


Marketing encompasses a set of disciplines and processes that plots and navigates this course to help realize the vision and generate business success.


Marketing is so much more than creating glossy advertising or a flashy website. While these are important elements of the marketing "mix," promotion is but one part of building a successful business. Marketing is a "life-cycle" process, identifying the needs, desires and expectations of potential customers and then creating, promoting and delivering a product or service that meets or exceeds these expectations better than the competition.


JRDR Marketing can address projects large or small, working with established businesses or newly founded enterprises. Whether you need a little extra resource during busy times or to create and implement a complete strategic plan JRDR Marketing is here to help your business succeed. Our services include:





Contact JRDR Marketing and let us help you sculpt your business for success!

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